Kitchen hydroponic kit

A very easy way to grow Herbs & Veg in the Kitchen


kitchen hydroponic kit

The kitchen hydroponic unit (shown right) is a very easy way to grow fresh herbs & vegetables at home.

  • It will grow up to 6 plants at a time
  • And will help you get much better results than growing plants in soil.
  • Because the control panel reminds you when to add water
  • And in addition also automatically turns lights on and off every 14 hours.

A kitchen hydroponic kit uses exactly the same method as used by commercial growers to get best results.

Not only will this help you get much better results then growing your fresh ingredients in soil but in addition it’s a very easy way to grow your herbs & vegetables in your own kitchen.


kitchen top hydroponics kit

What is hydroponics / how does it work?

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water and air without having to use soil.

The right hydroponics kit will create the optimal environment for natural, rapid plant growth.

Where the reservoir will provide the root system with an abundant balance of oxygen, water, and nutrients to enable plants to grow 5 times faster than when grown in soil.

The root systems are suspended in air and water inside the reservoir and naturally grow fast and efficiently as ideal levels of nutrients and water are automatically delivered exactly when needed.

Using the kitchen hydroponic kit most plants will germinate within 7-14 days, and are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks, and will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer.

kitchen hydroponic lights

Why use an LED light ?

This will allow your plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests. growth and abundant harvests.

The high-performance, full spectrum 20-watt LED high efficiency grow lighting system in your herb garden is tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests

Easy to Control

Easy to install and operate, space and time saving.

The control panel reminds control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you when to add plant food (included), automatically turns lights on and off for your hydroponics growing system

Fresh, All Year-Round!

Perfect for basil, thyme, sage, parsley, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, peppers, flowers, and even strawberries. Enjoy fresh fruit and herbs with no harmful substances or pesticides!

More Details

For a full detailed description (as well as a range of hydroponic kits) visit Amazon

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  1. Minze Vries

    This beats growing herbs & vegetables in the kitchen in pots by miles and miles. You get so much better & faster results and it’s a lot easier than having to water them every day. Especially the light will really help with growing ingredients all year round

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