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How to grow your own ingredients..

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If you are into your food then growing your own herbs & vegetables will make a real difference.

Because you can..

  • Grow speciality herbs & vegetables not found in most shops.
  • You will have fresh herbs & vegetables available all year long.
  • And it will help reduce your carbon footprint.

in addition growing your own ingredients is easy, fun and can help you save money.

On our site you will find easy ways to grow herbs & vegetables at home that will help you cook the best possible tasting meals & dishes.

There are many ways to grow your ingredients. If you have lots of space then the ‘tried & tested’ way of growing them in soil will work. But the advantage of hydroponics & aquaponics is that it’s often easier, with faster results & better yields.

In addition on this site you will also find out details of how to grow vegetables that are not easily found in many supermarkets – for example if you wanted to cook Gachas Manchegas, Kapucijners or Crosne.

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