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Easy, organic and intensive..

It’s probably the most effective way to grow organic meals at home.

There are 2 ways to start an aquaponics system:

1. Ready made Aquaponics kits

If you are new to aquaponics then there are 3 home aquaponics suppliers you could try:



2. Build your own Aquaponics system

The alternative is to build your own system – it’s not as difficult as it looks and the guides below will show you exactly what to do and when:


home aquaponics suppliers

1. Test it ?

The easiest way to start is to test it on a small scale.

We especially like the table top aquaponics tank (shown right)

It is a great way to see how aquaponics works, but the downside is that the tank is very small and will only take a few fish. However it will look great in any kitchen and will give you a real feel for how it works.

For more details have a look at : table top aquaponics tank



2. Home aquaponics kit

A much more serious approach is to try the home aquaponics kit from ‘Fishplant’

Yes, it takes up a lot more space (and is not exactly cheap) but it will generate enough fresh vegetables, herbs and salads to provide a couple (or small family) throughout the year.  (as well as being able to stock 3.5 kg of fish)

The advantage is that it is small enough to fit into a small garden, greenhouse or even indoors.

For more details (& the home aquaponics suppliers) have a look at : home aquaponics kit

Best aquaponic vegetables or herbs ?

For more details see below

Best aquaponic fish ?

If you want to ‘farm’ to eat then you can include fish like Tilapia, Carp, Perch and even Trout.

If you prefer them for decoration (or maybe a small ‘commercial side line’) try fish like Koi Carp or Goldfish.



3. Restaurant aquaponics kit

Or if you want to try aquaponics on a larger scale (for example for a small restaurant or hotel, or maybe for a school) then have a look at the Restaurant aquaponics kit from ‘Fishplant’

In the same way as the home aquaponics kit above the height of the system makes it very accessible and easy-to-use.

For more details have a look at : Restaurant aquaponics kit

Best aquaponic vegetables or herbs ?

For more details see below

Best aquaponic fish ?

You can use exactly the same fish as above, but as it holds upto 8 kg of fish you would be able to supply your restaurant wish fresh, home grown Tilapia, Carp, Perch and even Trout.

Build it ?

Or why not build your own aquaponics system. It’s a lot easier than it looks and step by step guide from the easy DIY aquaponics site will show you exactly what to do

Plants ?


The plants we recommend to start with are:

Lettuce will grow particularly well, but do make sure they have plenty of light. Lettuce seeds like Tom Thumb are ideal.

Tomatoes – aquaponic is great for tomatoes providing you give them plenty of light and warmth during the day. Most types will work but we like Sweet Million (shown right).

Mint – all mints will work such as spearmint, peppermint, and orange mint – but why not try something as spectacular as the korean mint

Strawberries – growing them using the aquaponic system should yield enough to feed a family all year around. The variety we like best is F1 Sarian

Roses – start with a rose option like the rose Garden Party

Fish ?

Coming soon

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