Home Aquaponics Kit

Ideal & cost effective way to grow nourishing, healthy food at home.

  • Provides a small family with plenty of fresh  vegetables, herbs and salads
  • Stocks up to 3.5kg of fish.
  • Can fit into a small garden, greenhouse or indoors




Home aquaponics kit

The FishPlant Family Unit is a great way to get started with aquaponics;

The package includes :

  • Everything necessary to setup the system including the clay pebbles.
  • Full build instructions and operation guide.


Because of the compact design the fish tank and grow bed can be manoeuvred through normal doorways.

The FishPlant units operate on a flood and drain system with an autosiphon which provides efficient, low maintenance operation.

Who is this for ?

It will generate enough fresh vegetables, herbs and salads to provide a couple (or small family) throughout the year.  (as well as being able to stock 3.5 kg of fish)

The advantage is that it is small enough to fit into a small garden, a balcony, greenhouse or even indoors.

  • Raise fish and grow plants in the environmentally-friendly FishPlant enclosed ecosystem to eat or enjoy, the choice is yours
  • An ecologically-friendly method of producing nourishing, healthy food which is also educational and fun for the whole family
  • New & exclusive to Amazon; the innovative FishPlant ‘Total Care’ systems are a single purchase package containing everything you need
  • Provides a small family with plenty of fresh salad, stocks up to 3.5kg of fish & can fit into a small garden, greenhouse or indoors
  • FishPlant was created by experts from leading universities and horticultural companies and designed for everyone


Best aquaponic vegetables or herbs ?

For more details have a look at the best plants for aquaponics guide

Best aquaponic fish ?

  • If you want to ‘farm’ to eat then you can include fish like Tilapia, Carp, Perch and even Trout.
  • If you prefer them for decoration (or maybe a small ‘commercial side line’) try fish like Koi Carp or Goldfish.


More Details

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