When you want to try something different..Unusual Seeds, Nuts, Plants

Based in Cambridge (UK) and Wageningen (Holland) my passion is to find unusual seeds, nuts, plants and ideas.

And then help ‘enthusiasts’ grow something completely different and unique…

– that will not only looks great but will also tastes great.

A key part of this is to provide ‘step by step’ advice on how to harvest and prepare these unusual seeds, nuts, plants and ideas in the kitchen, restaurant or catering outletto produce great tasting foods !

Do you have an unusual seed… ?

Why not contact me to find out how we can make it popular ?

For example on this site you will find foods that are really popular in some countries and simply unknown in others. Ingredients that have simply ‘fallen out of fashion’ – but still taste great and are often very, very healthy !

You will find unusual seeds, nuts, plants and recipes that could be every so popular – simply by using the right ‘marketing’ techniques. For example…

Been to a music festival lately ?….

Then you will know just how trendy quinoa has become ! Just imagine if you could do something similar to crosne, capucijners…

Sow it,Grow it, Eat it…

You will notice on our site I have specialised in showing ‘allotment or vegetable garden growers’ how to grow the unique crops – from sowing it, to harvesting and preparing in the kitchen.

Yes, most of these crops can be grown commercially on a farm – but there is a real groundswell movement for knowing just where the foods you eat come from. Authenticity matters !

Just imaging the ‘marketing’ benefit knowing that the ingredient in that recipe can be grown in your own backgarden..

I hope you enjoy the site – if you have any ideas for unusual seeds or foods you would like to see included simply contact me .

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