Seed coriander

Coriandrum sativum, Coriander, Cilantro – Santo, Organic, 1g approx 100 seeds

Ideal for recipes like Indian curries, German Sausages, etc.



  • Standard early season variety for leaf production. Resists running to seed.
  • The plant is fast-growing, ripening its seed without difficulty in Britain and it seems to be free of pests and diseases.
  • The plants flowers are very attractive to pollinating insects.
  • Coriander is in general a good companion plant in the garden, helping to repel aphis and carrot root fly.
  • Coriander also grows particularly well with dill and chervil.


Product description

Sow April in situ. The seed is slow to germinate and so on a garden scale it can also be sown in March in a cold frame. Sow a few seeds in each pot and then plant them out when they are growing away strongly in May. The seed can also be sown in situ in the autumn.

Autumn sown plants will grow bigger and produce more seed. Prefers a warm dry light soil. Plants grown mainly for their seeds do well in partial shade, but when growing for the seed or essential oil a sunny position is preferred. The plants dislike constant moisture or too much nitrogen. Another report says that coriander grows best when a cool damp spring is followed by a hot dry summer. Coriander tends to run quickly to seed if the plants are too dry at the seedling stage.

How to Grow & Use

For more details have a look at our guide

How  to Grow & Use Coriander