Food dehydrator

Ideal for using surplus vegetables, fruit & herbs


food dehydrator

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If you have surplus fruit & vegetables than a food dehydrator is a great way to prevent any wastage.

Where you

  • Simply slice your fruit, vegetables, etc
  • Then lay the slices out on the six shelves the dehydrator has to offer,
  • Set your time and temperature and let the machine do its thing

How does it work, what is dehydration?

Food dehydration is a way to remove moisture from food to aid in its preservation.

oven dried roma tomatoes

Food drying is a method of preserving fruit, vegetables and even meats that has been practiced since antiquity.

If you look at recipes like the oven dried Roma tomatoes  you will see that one way to dry items is to use an oven. This works great for easy ones like tomatoes, but for example drying peppers (like cayenne peppers) will need to be in the oven for up to 8 hours.

Using a specialised food dehydrator is not only much more energy effecient (& cheaper to run) but will also get you better results.

The right temperature is very important

The right temperature & air flow will make a big difference to your food hydration. If the temperature is to high this can result in hardened foods – which might result in them spoiling, on the inside.

This food dehydrator

dried kiwi

Has been designed to

  • Make healthy snack alternatives like kale and beetroot crisps
  • You can preserve foods fresh qualities and extend the shelf life, you will end up wasting less food
  • It has plenty of space to dehydrate food in batches with 6 shelves
  • Dehydrating food locks in nutritional values and intensifies flavours
  • In addition the manual also contains handy recipe for tasty treats with fewer calories, like nutty cookies

More details

This food dehydrator is suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Using this food dehydrator couldn’t be easier.

Firstly, you’ll need to prep your ingredients. Then lay the slices out on the six shelves the dehydrator has to offer. The shelves are nice and square for you to make the most out of the space. Set your time and temperature and let the machine do its thing.

To help you get started the manual includes both timing tips as well as recipes. In addition the dehydrator also has a handy 48 hour timer, which is great as some foods such as grapes can take up to 36 hours to dehydrate. And the temperature can be set between 35 degrees – 70degrees C to suit a variety of foods.

If you can’t resist taking a peak before the foods ready, you can easily do that with this dehydrator, the front is completely transparent and the door has a shutter design, so you can easily check up on specific trays without disturbing or dismantling the rest of the unit.

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