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Are you in the allotment Milton Keynes area ?

allotment milton keynes

Can you help please – do you grow speciality herbs & veg ?

It’s always amazing when you travel the UK the difference and variety of allotments.

Some areas growing completely different types of fruit & vegetables than other areas.

Yes, local climates, soil conditions, etc, have an impact – but some vegetables and ideas (like a paleo system, crosne, etc.) are growing very fast and becoming very popular in some towns.

But probably the most exiting ‘up and coming’ crops are items like

If you grow ‘unusual’ herbs & vegetables it would be great if you could just mention it at the bottom of this page. That way I can find out if there is a real difference in what is grown on allotments (like allotment Milton Keynes ) etc.

What are the best plants in the allotment Milton Keynes area ?


With the climate changing there are new and exiting options available. 

Yes, the staple vegetables and fruits (such as strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, etc.) will always be popular but there are very many others you could try.

Your local climate and soil condition will have an impact (plants which will grow in Cornwall might need to be planted much later in Yorkshire, etc) and most gardeners are aware of what will grow, and how to plan their season.

But in addition there is also a key feature often overlooked – the difference in plots on each allotment.

Often you can find completely different seasons just within one small area. Which means that you might need to grow completely different fruit & vegetable plants from someone even just a few plots away.  Do you have more or less sunshine ? Do you get more or less rain ? Is it windier ? Is even your soil slightly different ?

In addition there are also other items to consider – for example just how far away are you from the water on tap ? (do you really want to grow strawberries or tomatoes if you have to keep watering them ?) ….

If you would like some advice then there are 2 options you could consider

1. Hydroponics

diy hydroponic kit

An hydroponic system is the method used by many commercial growers to supply the herbs & vegetables you will find in most shops.

Depending on where you allotment is it might be viable (theft of equipment being a key consideration) bbt with solar powered pumps, etc, it might just be for you.

Or alternatively I tend to use a small hydroponic unit at home to get my seeds to grow, and then transplant the plants when the frost has passed.

More details on hydroponic growing systems

2. Aquaponics

Or if you want to take it a step further why not try aquaponics.

In aquaponics you will grow fish in the water – and tends to get even better results than hydroponics.

nd of course the aquaponics system can be used anywhere.  Not only does it not depend on your soil type but it can also significantly increase your yields and growing season.

Hydroponics & aquaponics compared

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Weekend woodworking projects

garden swing

If like me you have spare time on the weekends (not that much to do on my allotment) then why not have a look at Ted’s woodworking plans

– lot of fun and great for making items ranging from flower boxes to sheds and even garden furniture.

More details on the weekend woodworking projects



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