Roma Tomato

The classic Italian tomato – ideal for sauces and italian recipes



roma tomato seeds

Key Facts



The Roma tomato is the ideal tomato. It is in a completely different league from the regular tomatoes sold in shops

Roma tomato sauce
  • Ideal location:
    • Either outside in the summer – Balcony, patio or vegetable garden in sunshine.
    • Or Indoors at anytime of the year – Corner of any room using hydroponics and growing lamp.
  • Very nice flavour.
  • Ideal for sauces, italian recipes and salads
  • Days from seed to harvest – about 75 to 80 (2 to 3 months)
  • About 150 cm high

Typical Recipes

The king of Italian tomatoes, most commonly used for sauces and canning, but equally delicious in summer salads.

The Roma tomato is the classic Italian tomato – ideal for sauces and italian recipes.

Example recipes:

2 Ways to grow Roma tomato at home

This tomato is the ultimate mid season Tomato. It has a perfect flavour, perfect pear shaped 3″ fruits, all beautifully red.

Plants grow on vigorous determinate vines producing a heavy mid-season crop. Fusarium and Verticilium resistant.

If planting outside grow on under cooler conditions and when about 8 inches tall,

  • Either plant in their growing position in the greenhouse
  • Or gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions

And then plant out 18 inches apart in a warm and sunny spot in moist, fertile well drained soil and keep watered.

Or you can grow them indoors all year round using hydroponics & specialised lights.

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  1. Minze Vries

    If you are into great tasting Italian food then this type of tomato is a must – and you will notice a real difference compared to using shop bought fresh or tinner tomatoes. Growing using hydroponics and extra light is really easy all year round

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