Peppermint Mint Seeds

SeeKay Peppermint Appx 4,000 seeds ‘Mentha piperita’

With a stronger flavour than spearmint often used in desserts or in tea.



Product description

A very Tasty addition to Many dishes – most commonly used in Lamb dishes


Sow the seeds from Feb – July on the surface of a good quality moist seed compost and lightly pres the seed into the surface DO NOT COVER THE SEEDS Place the tray inside a propagator or Polythene bag until Germination occurs. Germination should take between 7 – 21 days at a min temp of 21 Deg C. When the plants are large enough to handle Transplant on into 3 ” pots prior to finally planting out in a semi shady position. Mint plants grow prolifically and will spread out underground to make new growth. If you do not wish for Mint to spread it is best grown in a container that will not allow the roots to spread out.

How to Grow & Use

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