Italian parsley seeds

The type of parsley most often used in restaurants

  • Quick and easy to ‘wash & chop’
  • Lovely flavour.
  • Used frequently as a garnish on dishes




About Italian or Plain Leaved Parsley

If you eat in a restaurant this is the parsley most likely to be used, because it’s quick and easy to ‘wash & chop’ and has a lovely flavour.

An excellent flavoured parsley with plain foliage Italian or plain leaved parsley can also be used as a garnish for fish and meat dishes, and salads.

Product description

Probably the most popular herb used for its flavour. Perfect for salads and garnishing.

A decorative plant which is ideal in Mediterranean dishes. Indoor Planting:Soak seeds overnight before sowing. Sow seeds 0.5cm deep in trays of moist compost, be careful not to over-water. Store in a warm place at an approx. temperature of 13-16 c 55-60 f . Growing on:When the seedlings are strong enough to handle they can be transplanted into bigger pots or trays. Do not overcrowd the plants and keep in a warm, light position. Once all chance of frost has passed the plants can be transplanted direct into your desired location in May. Harden off first. Alternatively, for winter supply bring the pots indoors in Autumn.

Outdoor Planting:

Sow seeds 1.5cm deep direct in growing bed. Keep the soil moist, and be careful not to over-water. When large enough to handle thin to 6 15cm . Parsley prefers a partially shaded location.HarvestWhen required