Seed starting mat

The fastest way to getting seeds to sprout



seedling heat mat

Key Facts

Ideal seed starter mat

  • Helps speed up the germination of seeds.
  • Water-proof and energy saving.
  • Helps get fast results before transplanting the seeds
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Ideal for growing seeds indoors

This is the seed heat mat I use for growing tomatoes indoors as well as for speciality herbs and peppers, with fantastic results.

To use this mat all I tend to do i:

  • Soak the seeds in water for 3 to 6 hours
  • Fill a seed tray with the seeds.
  • Put it on top of the heat mat
  • And when they sprout (with about 3 to 4 leaves) move them either to a hydroponic or aquaponic system or a larger pot

Seed starter mat product details

cayenne pepper

Efficient heating:

Indoor seedling heating mat can increase the temperature of the rooting area about 10-20 °C higher than the ambient air temperature.

Promote Plant Growth:

The appropriate temperature can effectively promote the growth of plants, and is widely applied to seedlings, flowers, vegetables and fruits, in order that it will possibly live on the cold.

Top of the range materials:

Hyindoor use water-proof and wear-resistant materials to make this heating pad, which could be very malleable and can last for a very long time.

Secure and energy saving:

The PVC surface layer completely covers the heating wire, which doesn’t pose a safety hazard in continuous use, and the power of 17.5W ensures the low energy consumption of the heating mat.


10″x 20.75″(25*52cm); Watt: 17.5W; Voltage: 240V; Power Cord’s Length: 180cm.

More details on the hydroponic seed starting heat mat

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