DIY Hydroponics Plan

12 different ways to start a hydroponics system.



How to build your own system

If you are new to Hydroponics then the DIY Hydroponics Gardens Plan will be for you.

Available from Amazon it will show you ‘step by step’:

  • 12 different ways to start a hydroponics system
  • Which plants to grow (& which to avoid)
  • Best temperature, lighting & nutrients


It contains detailed practical advice on how to build your own system at home all the way to building and running a commercial system.


So, why use Hydroponics ?

Because it’s a much more efficient way to grow fruit & vegetables

  • Faster growth
  • Bigger yields
  • Less wastage


In a hydroponics system the plants will have their roots in a clean neutral media such as clay balls or perlite, instead of dirt. A nutrient solution is circulated to the roots via a pump or wick action.

That way the plants don’t have to waste energy developing a large root system because the food is delivered right to the roots. Since it no longer has to search for its food, the plant’s growth and energy are redirected to lush foliage and abundant flowers and fruit.


About the DIY Hydroponic Gardens plan..

Hydroponics is NOT complicated once you understand how to get started.

When you read this diy hydroponics book it will help you match the right hydroponic system to your situation.

That is why it shows you 12 ways you can get started in hydroponics on a pauper’s budget.

You don’t have to get the most complex system to get incredible results. The book will show you ‘step by step’ what to do & how to start.

For example you will find out:

  • How to set up a hydroponics system at home
  • Or how to scale it up to large scale production.


Full of hints, tips & advice

It will show you ‘step by step’ how to start & maintain a hydroponics sytem to grow your ideal fruit & vegetables.

For example it provides detailed information on what to do if you want a hydroponic system indoors, on your patio, your vegetable garden (or allotment) or even for a larger scale commercial use.

More information

For full details, including the A-Z index and sample pages

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  1. Minze Vries

    Fantastic book that will show you how hydroponics works, to how to build your own system

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